Titan Encoder Interface

Quad Encoder

Front View


  • Appears as a CAN BUS device in the Titan Control Software (TCS) environment
  • A full quadrature interface that counts up/down.
  • Features three selectable RESET modes to establish indexing condition: Manual, Index, and Start of Test
  • Rotary Encoder outputs 1024 PPR with a resolution of 360/600 of a degree (displayed in degrees)
  • Suitable for a variety of intelligent control and displacement measurement operations, including rotational speed, angle, and acceleration
  • Interfaces to Titan BMS and BSG Mini-Recorders via the Auxiliary Digital Input port

Interface Connection
to Titan Mini-Recorder
via RJ12 connector (5V power and data)
Interface Connection
to Rotary Encoder
via 5-pin Aviation connector
Encoder Maximum
Mechanical Speed
5000 R/min
Rotary Encoder1024 PPR with a resolution of 360/600 of a degree
Encoder Interface Dimensions 3.15” x 2.125” x 0.91”
Operational Considerations
  • With 600 pulses per revolution at 500 RPM, the internal counters will change at the rate of approximately 5Khz.
  • The system has been designed to provide one update for each analog scan, which means that if the acquisition rate was 1200 samples/second, updates would appear at 1/10 the rate. The update rate could be increased just by sampling faster.
  • TCS has the ability to realign the signals in time to account for any processing delays (such as filters).