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Titan Data Acquisition (DAQ)

Titan Data Acquisition (DAQ) Systems offer universal signal conditioning, low power consumption, convenient SD card storage, and easy-to-use software. Systems can be purchased as a complete test kit, including custom cables and accessories. Titan products are designed and built in the US.

Input / Output Modules

  • Competitve cost-per-channel
  • 24-bit A/D converters; 16-bit exported
  • ICP, Strain Gauge, Frequency, String Pot, Thermocouple
  • Portable, rugged, stand-alone operation
  • Open-source command set for third-party software applications

Channel Expanders

  • Expand up to 384 Analog Channels + Digital Channels
  • Network interface allows remote operation via TCP/IP
  • Auto start / auto record
  • Remote Start Switch
  • Optional Driver Display


  • In-Vehicle Display
  • Ethernet Gateway
  • Sensors
  • Input Adapters
  • Interfaces
  • Custom cables


  • Intuitive Interface
  • Sensory Library
  • Calibration, Start / Stop, Recording Controls
  • Multiple file format support: WAV, CSV, TSV, RPCIII, MATLAB, HDF5
  • API for custom software integration

Custom Engineering and Consulting

What makes Mars Labs unique is our ability to adapt to our customers needs. We provide innovative, cost effective solutions and pride ourselves on being approachable while working closely with our customers and their teams to ensure smooth testing.

In addition to our standard off-the-shelf products and software, Mars Labs provides custom engineering and consulting services. Virtual and in-person training is also available.

Contact us today to discuss your test applications and training needs.