Titan Digital Analog Converter

16 Channel Analog Output

Key Features:

  • Seamless integration with individual Titan Input Modules as well as Titan CPU-based systems
  • Permits separation of input and output modules by providing a digital link for analog signals over distance (up to 300 ft) via standard
  • Ethernet CAT 5/6 cable
  • Supplies power to Titan Input Modules, eliminating the need for additional power sources
  • Signals may be recorded when connected to a PC, Titan CPU or Titan Mini-Recorder, as well as monitored in real-time on the PC
  • Simplified user interface provides easy operation under difficult operating conditions

• Sixteen channel analog output for monitoring and control applications
• Closes outer loop on simulator system

Number of Channels 16 on BNC connectors
Output Sample Rate 1200 samples/second
Output Bandwidth 150 Hz
Sensor Balance Values Output is automatically offset to include the balance value used for the sensor
Output Voltage Option 0 to +5V, or ±10V
Output Filter Option150 Hz, 3 Pole reconstruction fi lter
Output Filter OptionFull Bridge resistive type – strain gauges, load cells, accelerometers, etc.
Voltage Input — up to ±32 Volts
Tachometer / Totalizer (frequencies up to 7KHz)
Thermocouples J, K, & T
Digital Interface(2) RJ-45 connectors (COMM Pod, COMM CPU), USB
Power Requirements11-32 VDC @ 1.4W; 5W typical when powering a Titan Input Module
Dimensions / Weight13.5 cm x 10.6 cm x 4.0 cm (L x W x H) / Weight 475g
File File Type Description
PDF Printable Datasheet
PDF BMS User Manual