16 Channel Data Acquisition Recorder

Key Features:

  • Stand-alone recording to SD memory card for up to 16 channels
  • Records directly to a PC via USB
  • High performance analog front-end with full Balance and Calibration loopback features
  • Onboard controls for in-the-field recording and calibration operations.
  • Compact size, light weight and low power consumption make the device suitable for in-vehicle applications
  • Interfaces with other Titan products to provide up to 384 analog channels, plus digital channels
  • GPS and Digital Sensor recording supported
  • Analog Sensor inputs via DB-37 connection
  • Durability & Fatigue
  • Vehicle Dynamics
  • Acoustics
  • Noise & Vibration Analysis
  • Ride Quality Assessment
  • Shock
Number of Channels 16 fault-tolerant channels on a single DB37F connector
Sample Rate High Speed Operation — up to 10,000 samples per second per channel
Low Speed Operation — up to 1200 samples per second per channel
Programmable Gain From ±1/16 to ±512; ±32V Full scale input voltage max.
Programmable Filter 10 pole Linear Phase tracking filter (High Speed operation)
8 pole Butterworth filter (Low Speed operation)
Calibration Modes Resistive (RCal): ±100K Ohms per channel (shunt calibration)
Voltage (VCal): Precision positive and negative calibration voltages provided
ExcitationFixed 2.048 Volts
Analog Sensor SupportFull Bridge resistive type – strain gauges, load cells, accelerometers, etc
Voltage Input — up to ±32 Volts
Tachometer / Totalizer (frequencies up to 7KHz)
Thermocouples J, K, & T
Digital Sensor Support
(via Titan Digital Pod)
SAE J1939, ISO 15765, 3DM-GX3 IMU, and multiple Wheel Force Transducer (WFT) protocols, including Kistler and Michigan Scientific
GPS Optional on-board GPS support for the Garmin 18X-5Hz w/PPS
PC Operation Remote recording and control via USB
Stand-alone Operation Via on-board switches or Titan Remote Control (Mars Labs CBL-RMT)
Recording MediaSecure Digital (SD) memory card, 2GB (furnished), up to 16GB supported
Power Requirements 11-32 VDC
Dimensions / Weight 12 cm x 10.6 cm x 3 cm (L x W x H)
File File Type Description
PDF Printable Datasheet
PDF BMS User Manual