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APN-1020: Balance Operation in TCS

APN-1020: Balance Operation in TCS SUMMARY This applications note addresses the operation of the Balance function in TCS. BACKGROUND The Titan System provides for two types of offset: Sensor offset and Balance offset. Sensor offset is handled in TCS, while Balance offset is handled in the Titan device hardware. Both are addressed briefly here. Sensor offset is a user‐specified value appearing in the sensor transform pane on the ‘Sensors’ page in TCS. Sensor offset is the ‘b’ term in the equation ‘y=mx +b’. On any given ‘Sensors’ definition page, the ‘Offset’ field allows you to enter an offset value in whatever Engineering units are specified. These offsets can be positive or negative. Offset values specified here show up in the exported data, but are not applied through a DAC (if connected). Balance offsets are stored on the Titan device hardware. Balance offsets are applied directly to the channel on the device and will show up in the exported data and on DAC outputs. The balance offset function is enabled on the ‘Tags and Channels’ page, and is activated from the Runtime screen using the [F10] function key. PDF_Download Download as a PDF