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Mars Labs CPU20 Simplifies DAQ System Development For US Army

In early 2023, the US Army approached Mars Labs with a requirement for a very large data acquisition (DAQ) system to support a heavy equipment vehicle test. In response, Mars Labs engineering developed a custom DAQ solution that not only reduced the amount of hardware typically needed to configure very high channel-count systems, but also simplified the API instruction set for integration into the Army’s system.

For a specialized test, the US Army needed a DAQ system that could handle up to 320 channels of sensor data and interface seamlessly to their proprietary system. Additionally, a compact solution was highly desirable to minimize interconnections and simplify the configuration. Leveraging our expertise in DAQ system design, we took up the challenge and developed a solution that fully satisfied the Army’s requirements.

Prior to addressing this latest requirement, large channel-count DAQ systems were created using a ‘building block’ approach by multiplexing several smaller groups of our Titan Mini-Recorder Input Modules into a larger configuration as shown in the example below.

To fulfill the Army’s requirement for a very large channel-count system, we created an enhanced version of our popular 12-Port Channel Expander by reengineering the hardware and upgrading the firmware to support a total of 320 channels in a single compact device. This redesigned 20-Port Channel Expander supports the simultaneous connection of up to twenty 16-channel Titan Input Modules at once, eliminating the need for the extra hardware, cabling, and interconnections previously required for large DAQ configurations:

Although the 20-Port Channel Expander retains compatibility with our license-free Titan Control Software (TCS) application, custom interface development is also supported using our Titan Command API, an available resource that streamlines development of custom Titan interfaces for specialty applications such as this one for the US Army.

Mars Labs has been providing high-performance, cost effective data acquisition solutions for over 20 years. In addition to our portfolio of award-winning off-the-shelf products, we can provide enhanced and specialized versions of those products to meet unique requirements. Contact Mars Labs to learn how we can solve your specific data acquisition challenges.